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“Excellent. The only void she left me in was wanting to know more, learn more.”

Pitching Tips

from Classic Writers


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Wind up your own pitch with Pitching Tips from Classic Writers

Pamela Jaye Smith is a frequent panelist and consultant at the “Sell Your Story to Hollywood” weekends sponsored by the Hollywood Film Festival.

The panels, hosted by Donie Nelson of Career Strategies for Writers, listen to five-minute pitches and then offer critiques and suggestions to improve the pitches prior to the writers meeting with producers and development execs for their actual pitch. Glowing results are often reported.

At the Creative Screenwriting EXPO 3 Pamela Jaye was one of the story consultants at the Pitch Prep Salon, offering thirty minutes of one-on-one distillation of scripts and stories into a vivid and enticing three-sentence pitch. Many people popped back into the Salon with success stories.

*7 Tips*
Pitching Tips from Classic Writers gives you seven specific tips for your story and yourself, with examples and worksheets.

*One That Works*
Pitching Tips from Classic Writers includes the opening (story pitch) from the Roman poet Virgil’s classic hero’s journey tale, The Aeneid. It is offered as a perfect pitch for the one hundred thirty page story. And by the way, it’s a really good read, with war, love, betrayal, fickle gods, and the founding of Rome.

Use these Tips for a story idea, a completed script, a project of any type. These timeless principles apply across many lines.


Pitching Tips from Classic Writers is such a delight. Generous in thought, compassionate in nature and “Vigil’s Pitch” is an absolute delight to discover!! Charming and extremely practical. Wonderful that you thought to include it.

A MYTHWORKS gem. To the point AND very good advice.

Ellen Sandler
Emmy-nominated sit com writer, former Co-Executive Producer “Everybody Loves Raymond” and one of Hollywood’s foremost pitching coaches.
http://www.KohnCommunications.com under “About Us – Who We Are Biographies”

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