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“I want to thank you for once again delivering the perfect wrap-up lecture for my course. I am dazzled by your ability to pack so much into such a short time--to articulate ideas so clearly and with such style and humor.”
McDonough Brady, Adjunct Professor - Pepperdine University, Malibu

Inner Drives

How to Create and Write Characters Using the Eight Classic Centers of Motivation.

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Inspiring and practical, INNER DRIVES goes to the very source of character motivation and action. Exploring the fascinating world of archetypes, mythology, and the chakra system, writers will learn to apply timeless principals of successful story-telling through fascinating examples and valuable exercises.

From patterns of speech to styles of walking, writers can use Pamela Jaye Smith’s guide to structure character arcs, devise backstories, up the conflict, pair up couples, and form ensembles; all with unique, believable characters.

Informative and entertaining, this book helps writers, directors, designers, development executives, and actors expand their artistry and influence on the audience to gain a creative advantage in a highly competitive industry.

PAMELA JAYE SMITH is a Writer, Mythologist, Consultant, Speaker, and award-winning Producer/Director with international clients and credits in features, TV, commercials, music videos, documentaries, and corporate films.

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Buy the companion CD: “What’s My Mythic Motivation?”
Learn to use the Centres of Motivation [the Chakras] to create unique, dynamic believable characters. Character change and transformation, creating conflict among the Centres within and between characters, and Mythic Structure based on the Centres.

2 hrs. w/7 Pg Handout



“INNER DRIVES is a wise, beautifully written, extraordinary tool for writers in all fields. I will be recommending it to screenwriters with whom we are working and to the screenwriting students that I mentor through the USC filmic writing program. It is impressively researched, insightful, and I found the sections on archetypes and symbols to be particularly useful. Congratulations!”

Lynn Hendee
Producer – In My Country directed by John Boorman, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Juliette Binoche
Executive Producer – Ender’s Game to be directed by Wolfgang Peterson

“The most popular and most powerful films and books are those that have a firm foundation in myths. In this seminal work, Pamela Jaye Smith explains how to enrich your work, and possibly even your life, through a profound understanding of how myths work and what they reveal about our humanity.”

Pamela Wallace, screenwriter/producer
Oscar winning co-screenwriter Witness

“Pamela Jaye Smith has always been a pioneer in connecting people with the archetypes of human existence. Now, with this new book, INNER DRIVES: How to Write and Create Characters Using the Eight Classic Centers of Motivation, she provides writers with a visionary new way to look at their craft–how to tap into a primal source of enlightenment and energy. Bravo, Pamela–this book should be required reading for all writers!”

Stephen Simon
Film Producer – Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come
Co-founder www.spiritualcinemacircle.com



“There are books that are ‘must reads’ and books that are ‘should reads’.” INNER DRIVES is both.
Pamela Jaye Smith knows both her subjects: mythic background and the film industry. In this book she puts (them) together and comes up with a fascinating exploration of the “whys” of what people do by using the eight centers (charkas) of motivation.
Smith sets your mind to ask philosophic questions, not only about the characters you may be building for a script, but also for the characters (i.e., people) that populate your own reality, including yourself. This is a carefully plotted piece of non-fiction that is easy to read and conveys a great deal of information.

Smith includes terrific examples throughout the book that support the information she relays. While her exercises demand work, they also provide thoughtful results. I haven’t encountered a book before that has explored characters in such a manner, and I find it refreshing.

Personally, I don’t think this is a book for scriptwriters alone. I think people who read, and who have a genuine interest in people, will find it fascinating.

Sable Jack
Script Magazine
November/December 2005 [to read the entire review]

Review of INNER DRIVES on The Frustrated Writer Website
September 12, 2005
by Auggie Moore

Although written for screen writers, writers from every sphere will find Inner Drives to be an invaluable guide to creating dynamic and believable characters. This is an essential tool that should be in every writer’s toolbox. Not only does this text explain how the eight centers of motivation serve to influence a character, but this information will also give you insight in what motivates and drives people, enabling you to write character driven stories that will resonate with your audience. As a side effect, you’ll find that once you better understand the forces that motivate your characters, you’ll find that plotting will be easier and your story will flow more naturally.

At the very helpful and comprehensive Absolute Write website, a review by Marie D. Jones

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