What is an Alpha Babe?

...outstanding human beings who exemplify the higher qualities of integrity, daring, innovation, honour, interconnectedness, caring, loyalty, and vision... who just happen to be housed in a female body...

Spotlight: Alpha Babe

  • Alexandra David-NeelAlexandra David-Neel

    Alexandra David- Néel (1868-1969) was an exceedingly courageous, adventurous woman who blazed trails both physically and… »
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"Pamela enabled me to couch my sit-com character as a new female archetype, and gave me a fresh approach to pitching that took me out of the personal and onto a higher plane. She also helped me shape my own feminine persona that I take into the room for business meetings. All of this in just a short session. Her insights are invaluable and I am delighted to recommend her to performers as well as writers."
Maura Kennedy - comic, actress "Day's of Our Lives,"


If you’re looking for new ways to use the power of Mythology in your life and creative expression, MYTHWORKS has the tools to help!


Beyond the Hero’s Journey

Contrary to popular opinion, The Hero’s Journey is not the only mythic Theme. It’s certainly a good one but it is only one of many.
A few years after the publication of Hero With a Thousand Faces, Dr. Joseph Campbell modified his position and observed that for different times and places there were different mythic structures and archetypes.

This book introduces you to many other powerful Mythic Themes as identified by Pamela Jaye Smith, ranging from “About Face” to “Damsel in Distress”, from “Stealing Fire From Heaven” to “The Wakeup Call”. More information

$15.00 – Offered by Cafe Press

Inner Drives

Inspiring and practical, INNER DRIVES goes to the very source of motivation and action. Exploring the fascinating world of archetypes, mythology, and the chakra system, readers will learn to apply timeless principals of character development – From patterns of speech to styles of walking – in content creation, and in their own lives. More information


Pitching Tips from Classic Writers

So you’ve written a masterpiece. Then what? You have to sell it – whether it be to a publisher, an agent, or a studio. PITCHING TIPS FROM CLASSIC WRITERS offers a variety of suggestions to help hone your pitching skills and get your stories sold! More information


Power of the Dark Side

Who doesn’t love the Dark Side? Darth Vader, Cruella De Vil, Tony Soprano – everybody loves a great villain. And every story needs dramatic conflict – internal and external – to really resonate. This comprehensive, accessible book gives you tools to write the most despicable villains.

Conflict is the very heart and soul of drama, and this book explores character conflict and the various ways to portray it both in scripts and on the stage. More information


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A story-teller’s guide to the spiritual, supernatural, and special effects of various realities. Various explanations for experiences such as visitations and abductions are explored. How to work with the “wierd stuff” for effective storytelling. [*]

w/guest speaker writer Laura Brennan Lost World, Highlander

2 hrs w/10 Pg Handout


for Writers, Directors, Actors, and Designers.

• Create authentic, believable characters and conflict
• Empower your images
• Enrich your performance
• Reach your audience on the deepest levels

Warrior, Monk, Scientist, Magician, Lover

The five Paths to Glory offer valuable profiles for creating dynamic, believable characters in your writing, directing, acting, and art.
In this inspiring accessible program you’ll learn the hopes, fears, strengths, weaknesses, symbols, styles and more that guide each Path.

Male or female, child or crone, ruler or servant…. enrich your characters by aligning them with these vivid ArchePaths.

1-1/2 hrs


The Hero’s Journey is just one of many Powerful Mythic Themes: Fatal Attraction, Lost Love Rescued, Stealing Fire from Heaven, and many more. Learn to align your stories with the classics yet keep them uniquely yours. [*]

2 hrs w/9 Pg Handout


What’s the newest story concept? Ancient myths like Lord of the Rings or high-tech fantasy like Matrix?

What’s our next mythology? Is it created or just observed and reported?

Explore Seven Story Categories that address our present and our future that you can use to give foundation and vision to your own stories.

Learn a Three Part Structure for character arcs and plot construction that’s both mythic and timely.

Align your inspiration with incoming ideas and ideals so you can help create and shape our next mythology.

1-1/2 hrs


From campfire stories to the internet, how the medium reflects and shapes our consciousness. Plus tools for more consciously creating your own stories. [*]

w/guest speaker Robert Gould of Imaginosis.

2 hrs w/17 Pg Handout

MILLENNIAL MAGICIANS: Conscious Creativity for the 21st Century

Want more in your Life,

your Relationships, Projects, Products?

Learn to synchronize the cycles of the Ages, the Seasons, the Moon, the Day, your Life, and the Creative Act. This fascinating and practical application of the patterns underlying all creation can help you to manifest MORE POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE CREATIVITY.

2+ hrs w/12 Pg Handout

NEXT MYTH PANEL: Hollywood Film Festival Panel

Host – Pamela Jaye Smith MYTHWORKS.

Panelists: Capt. Dale Dye WARRIORS, INC., Carolyn McDonald CARRIE PRODS., Lindsay Smith PURPLE SAGE PRODS., and Linda Thurman THURMAN MEDIA.

1.5 hrs


How to survive and thrive in the Creative Process. Timing, order, collaboration and balance. [*]

w/guest speaker Dr. Linda Seger

2 hrs w/9 Pg Handout


Mephistopheles, Lilith, Darth Vader, Freddie Kruger. How story-tellers portray evil, temptation and salvation. The different levels of darkness. The Shadow. [*]

w/guest speaker Dr. Rachell Ballon

2 hrs w/4 Pg Handout


Lecture and Panel
Practical and inspirational tools from mythology, military history and science, and modern media. Use the Warrior Archepath for character creation, development and portrayal. Use aspects of the Warrior ArchePath for dramatic conflict, character change and growth. Use tools of the Warrior Way in your own work in production.

The Warrior Archetype, Martial Arts for the Creative Mind, Leadership Skills, the Creative Process, Controlling the Battlespace, Creating Team Spirit, Meet-and-Defeat the Enemy, and more.

Plus excerpts from the seminar panel featuring Steven Charles Joffe, Executive Producer GHOST and STRANGE DAYS; Christine Conrad, Screenwriter JUNIOR; and Major Ben Frazier, U.S. Army.

2 hrs


Learn to use the Centres of Motivation [the Chakras] to create unique, dynamic believable characters. Character change and transformation, creating conflict among the Centres within and between characters, and Mythic Structure based on the Centres. [*]

[**] Though from a different seminar, most of this information is also contained in the longer series MYTHIC TOOLS FOR WRITERS.

2 hrs. w/7 Pg Handout


Analyzing and crafting stories of the afterlife, previous lives, between lives, and multiple lives. [*]

2 hrs w/10 Pg Handout

[*] from the “Myth, Metaphysics and Media” workshop series presented at the Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles.

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