What is an Alpha Babe?

...outstanding human beings who exemplify the higher qualities of integrity, daring, innovation, honour, interconnectedness, caring, loyalty, and vision... who just happen to be housed in a female body...

Spotlight: Alpha Babe

  • Alexandra David-NeelAlexandra David-Neel

    Alexandra David- Néel (1868-1969) was an exceedingly courageous, adventurous woman who blazed trails both physically and… »
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“Your enthusiastic and informative workshops helped our group feel a greater sense of team cooperation and empowerment. I feel that your input definitely helped to make our retreat a resounding success. Thanks so much for your help.”
Mary Goldman, Director -- Infant-Family Program, Foundation for the Junior Blind, Los Angeles CA

Millennial Magicians Seminar

Cycles and Systems

The Science and Magic of Conscious Creativity

Want to feel more control over your personal existence?
Want to exert more effective influence in the world around you?
Want to better understand yourself and others?

Everything that exists belongs to systems and is composed of cycles, from atoms to families to businesses to galaxies. Learn how these cycles and systems work and you can positively affect your relationship with them:

  • Your personal life – physical, emotional, mental, and creative stages from arrival to exit
  • Your relationships – lovers, family, friends, colleagues, clients, competitors
  • Your projects – gardens, events, art, products, businesses, civilizations

This presentation explores what is often called the “magic” of creativity with a view to making you more of a “Magician” – someone who sees patterns where others do not see them and creates patterns where they did not exist before.

Using the Magician as the archetype of conscious creativity, we cover different types of “magic” or systems theory:

  • Individual growth and development patterns – childhood, adulthood, maturity, and more
  • Inner Drives Centers of Motivation [chakras] patterns – sacral, solar plexus, heart, etc.
  • Astronomical/Seasonal patterns – day, month, year, and longer
  • The 4-part Creative Cycle – spark of genius, development, delivery, recovery

What about that ever-present Resistance to Change we all encounter? You’ll receive effective time-tested tools to counter it and ingenious ways to avoid it altogether.

The information and inspiration in “Cycles and Systems” will confer a distinct advantage by helping you become more conscious about your self, your relationships, and your creativity.

Remember – one person’s “magic” is another person’s “science”. Learn how to make the science work for you and then create what seems like magic.