What is an Alpha Babe?

...outstanding human beings who exemplify the higher qualities of integrity, daring, innovation, honour, interconnectedness, caring, loyalty, and vision... who just happen to be housed in a female body...

Spotlight: Alpha Babe

  • Alexandra David-NeelAlexandra David-Neel

    Alexandra David- Néel (1868-1969) was an exceedingly courageous, adventurous woman who blazed trails both physically and… »
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“The tremendous intellectual ability that Pamela displays complements her remarkable talent for problem solving. She sees "out of the box" solutions and asymmetric approaches to the complex challenges of the new, globalized world. Ms. Smith has a remarkable ability to bring people from very different backgrounds together, forging them into a cohesive team that fully develops the potential contributions of each member.”
Thomas A. Dempsey, Colonel, Infantry Director, Regional and African Studies U.S. Army War College

Ajna Center Meditation CD


Guided meditation and explanation on how to build your Ajna/Warrior Focus, the Centre [chakra] of Balance and Integration symbolized by a small golden sun in front of the forehead.

Combine your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies into an efficient instrument for higher energies and the greater good.

Increase concentration, heighten awareness, learn stress management.

30 Minute CD