What is an Alpha Babe?

...outstanding human beings who exemplify the higher qualities of integrity, daring, innovation, honour, interconnectedness, caring, loyalty, and vision... who just happen to be housed in a female body...

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“My favorite quotation is from the end of your talk. You said that the heroes of the future will be people who see patterns where others do not see them, and who will create them where they didn’t exist before. As you already possess that talent, I’m thankful for your generosity in helping the rest of us to see it, and perhaps to find it within ourselves.”

Pamela Jaye Smith

Pamela Jaye Smith

Pamela Jaye Smith

In her own quest to be an Alpha Babe, Pamela strives to integrate high fun, high fashion, and high adventure. She has traveled to the Arctic, the Andes, and SE Asia, has driven a tank and an offshore oil rig, was Band Queen in high school, knows how to sew, and was a questionable but enthusiastic surfer. She has served on a US Army think-tank (during the Clinton administration) and is on a Boeing think-tank for education and work-force development.

Pamela Jaye has authored three books on writing published by pre-eminent film-book company Michael Wiese Productions. She is an international speaker and consultant and an award-winning producer-director. Clients and credits include Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Universal, RAI-TV Rome, Thot Fiction – Marseilles, France, GM, Boeing, Pepperdine University, Screenwriting EXPO, film festivals, and the US Army. Pamela is the founder of MYTHWORKS.

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