What is an Alpha Babe?

...outstanding human beings who exemplify the higher qualities of integrity, daring, innovation, honour, interconnectedness, caring, loyalty, and vision... who just happen to be housed in a female body...

Spotlight: Alpha Babe

  • Alexandra David-NeelAlexandra David-Neel

    Alexandra David- Néel (1868-1969) was an exceedingly courageous, adventurous woman who blazed trails both physically and… »
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“Excellent. The only void she left me in was wanting to know more, learn more.”

AB101: Alpha Babes & Chosen Men – The Basics

If you have any doubts about whether you are an Alpha Babe or a Chosen Man, or whether you want to become one, you won’t by the end of this course!

In Alpha Babes 101 we take a good look at the skills, qualities, and traits embodied in these powerful individuals.

We also begin the process of understanding how you yourself can begin to embody them as well – in spite of pressures from job, family, society, government, media, or any other “Man” that wants to keep you down!

Neither harpy nor harlot, doormat nor drudge, the Alpha Babe is an exquisitely balanced combination of Strength-Sensitivity-Sensuality-Smarts, serving her own Higher Self and the Greater Good. Chosen Men also embody these qualities, in their own special ways.

This online course offers individual written feedback from the instructor and covers:

• The concept of Alpha Babes
• The need for this unique individual
• Who is and who is not an Alpha Babe, and why
• Examples from mythology, history, current events, and media
• Relationship dynamics plus sex, passion, and love — from an Alpha Babe perspective
• Characteristics and suggested uses: select a characteristic and —
1. identify it in yourself: strong, weak, medium
2. identify it in others: friends, family, public-historical-mythic-media figures
3. practice embodying it for one full week and note its effect on self and others

Use this course to learn insights and techniques from the Ageless Wisdom to become an outstanding individual who exemplifies integrity, daring, innovation, honour, interconnectedness, caring, loyalty, and vision.

As a student in AB 101, you will have asynchronous interaction with the instructor: there will be an arena in which you can ask questions of the instructor and fellow classmates in a comment field/forum medium. [Not direct real-time contact.]

Includes a 30 minute private phone consultation with instructor Pamela Jaye Smith.

There will be one lesson a week which you can complete online in your own time, with homework assignments involving observations of yourself and the people and world around you, and a brief [50 words or less] commentary on at least two of the concepts presented in the Lesson. Think of it as journaling with a purpose.

Additional homework spanning the four week class involves reading one book and watching one movie from the suggested list. Then writing a 50-200 word report on the book stating your reasoning as to why the character/heroine is an Alpha Babe, with supporting examples.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course except an open mind and a committed will.
Start Date: January 15, 2013
Duration: 4 weeks
Instructor: Pamela Jaye Smith

Fee: $95