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Guidelines of Participation

The Alpha Babe Academy is dedicated to the principles of Wisdom, Courage, Compassion, and Honor.

To that end, our Code of Honor requires that we treat ourselves and one another with respect and courtesy, and that we act with thoughtfulness and dignity.

Critical thinking skills are requisite in this day and age, though woefully overlooked in many aspects of our educational systems and society as a whole. Here at ABA, we encourage you to back up your statements with reasoned evidence, not just opinions. We all want to learn from each other so the more lucid you can be in your presentations the better for the rest of us.

We are highly devoted to Passion and look forward to hearing your fiercest beliefs, philosophical explorations, ideas for social change, observations on the world, and sense of play and humour – as long as they are presented in a civil way.

The Golden Rule exists for a reason; treat others as you would have them treat you. Respect their rights to their beliefs and opinions; everyone is entitled to believe as they will, so long as they do not inappropriately impose their beliefs on others.

Similarly, respect the rights of artists, and give credit where credit is due. If you directly quote someone, put it in quotation marks and give us their name and book, film, song, website, etc.

Like the honor codes of most military academies throughout the ages, we expect all participants to be self-policing and to uphold the protocols across the board. Let us know if others are not adhering to the ABA Guidelines. It’s not snitching – it’s ensuring the integrity of the group and the system for the greater good. Where incivility and cheating are not tolerated they cannot long exist.

At its core, the Code requires us:
1. To uphold and promote the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.
[not the nice, the comfortable, or the just acceptable]

2. To protect the Weak and the Innocent.
[not the lazy or the stupid]

Most importantly, have fun expanding your horizons – knowing you’re in a safe environment in a challenging community!